Harbor Access LLC


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A Comprehensive Portfolio of Services

  • Planning
    Whether you are looking to set an IR strategy for an upcoming IPO or you feel your existing strategy needs to be calibrated and enhanced, Harbor Access can advise you on the best course of action.

  • Research

    Much of our advice is grounded in research, namely talking with investors about your company and its investment proposition. This can take the form of gathering informal feedback or conducting an in-depth Perception Study.

  • Capital Markets Communications

    Timely and effective communication with the capital markets is crucial for any IR program. Benefit from Harbor Access's combined Sellside, Buyside and corporate IR experience, to develop clear investment messages that will resonate with the markets - We maintain that "one message" does not suit all targeted investors. We also provide advice and support in other areas of investor communications, such as earnings press releases and conference call scripts, annual reports, investor presentations and IR websites.

  • Sellside Coverage

    Often the key to improved shareholder or geographical diversification. Focusing on specific investors, conferences or regions we can assist in gaining new Sellside coverage.

  • Corporate Access

    Corporate Access has long been the domain of the Sellside, with varying degrees of success. Simply put, we know the right investors for our clients, whether they are Hedge funds or long-only institutions. Harbor Access can arrange both IR and Management roadshows. We utilize technology to efficiently and effectively schedule and manage meetings and to also have the ability to update schedules in real time.

  • Day-to-day Support

    No IRO,  no problem. Harbor Access can assume the day-to-day IR responsibilities in the U.S. market. Rather than hire one person, hire a team of seasoned IR professionals.

  • Investor Targeting

    In addition to leveraging our institutional relationships to organize robust investor roadshows, we offer targeting analysis to identify potential new investors. This analysis can also be helpful with regard to prioritizing meetings at equity conferences.

  • ADR Contract Negotiation

    Harbor Access can ensure you are getting the most out of your current depository contract. 

  • Ownership Analysis

    Harbor Access offers insightful ownership analysis, which is a key element of developing an IR strategy and program. We believe the right ownership mix can contribute to an optimal market valuation.

  • Training

    No trust falls here, simply focusing on what matters from an Investor Relations perspective. Harbor Access offers training to help management effectively communicate during every interaction with investors. Training encompasses  Reg FD, Earnings calls and Investor presentations.